The Source Of Our Own Troubles

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We are sometimes the source of our own troubles.
Knowing the “right” thing to say is no replacement for how we say it.
Irritation, anger and condescension have no place when offering guidance or suggestions.
How can we even know if what we say is right?

For alas, a part of our empathy shuts off:
        When we are sure that we are right
        When we are in pain
        When we are tired
        When we are stressed
        When we are excited
        When we are proud
        When we are very confident
        When we are sleepy
        When we are busy

        When we forget to meet our own needs and become unable to consider others’ needs or perspectives.

“I am sorry,” is not enough.
This awareness can illuminate our paths for growth.
What is our work to lessen the harm we cause through our “right” action?