Pregnant Rain

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This uncertain Spring
Warm sun rays
Tell of carefree summer days.
Clouds, wind and snow
Winter is not yet ready to go.
Cool mists and pregnant rains
Dodging puddles and potholes wider than our lanes.

Swelling vernal ponds teaming with life
Frog eggs, turtles, sunnies and newts.
Spring growth from sprouting pinecones
To cherry blossoming trees.
Birds gathering fiber and singing a symphony for the bees.
Ants peeking out to taste
The sweet spring air and soil
Eating that which has left this mortal coil
Even chomping the bee’s knees
Enabling new life everywhere it please.

Thank you for coming as you are,
Oh Spring come meet me, as the deer spar.
Ever-present the question of what to wear,
Such an uncertain and marvelous time of year.

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