At Dance

1 minute read

Stress in the body is toxic.
It causes pain and weakness throughout.
It steals thoughts and drains one’s strength and motivation.
So many dreams have died upon the vine, unmourned.
The feelings of disappointment, frustration and fear have compounded.

Dread lurks in one’s periphery, pulling taut above the shoulders and also between their blades.
The tightness creeps behind one’s neck, up behind the ears, up over the temples and surges across the scalp. Tightness extends under one’s eyes toward the bony sides of the nose and into the hinges of the cheekbones beneath one’s earlobes.
It pounds upon the temples until the mind goes blank, feeling anger, frustration and pain.
Then one feels numb, with the tightness above the sternum and pain through the hamstrings and a disconnect from one’s gut and from desires.

Breath brings air into one’s body.
Sunlight brings warmth to the skin and hope to one’s being.

I breathe into my shoulders and stretch into downward facing dog.
I feel the catharsis of writing and the relaxation of stretching.
I push to stay awake. I breathe in the music and shake shake shake. I smile and accept my own embrace. I feel safe in my own arms. I hug the whole wall, my body feeling the support of the earth.
Standing at the window, the sun upon my face, and the cool wind upon my legs, I inhale the life-force offering itself to me. Immersed in life-giving, I open my mouth and heart to these nutrients.

I disengage my thoughts.
I disengage my fear.
I disengage my judgment.

These tools are not benefiting me, at this time. I feel myself be.
What is tomorrow, but a time that I will thank myself for being present and healing right now?
Enjoying this moment is the best gift for a future me. If I take care of me now, tomorrow will care for itself. Just being and letting go is perfection now. Love for others comes from this place of my love for myself. Smiles and peace.