Hello Brightness

1 minute read

Hello brightness, my old friend,
Your presence is sure to mend.
After a long dark winter,
You glisten on the vestigial snow.

Better days are here.
This is a new spring,
Not for forever but for now.

All ideas feel actionable.
Unshackled possibilities expand before us.
Each path looks well lit and relatively flat,
From this distance.

On which path shall we walk?

Oh, what a fun question!

Let’s take this moment to enjoy.
The doubts are quiet.
The patterns are shifting in their crumbling molds.
We have so many toys and skills.
What fun to bring them together
To play and build and define this nascent reality.

What fun to breathe into
A more human way of living.

What fun to release the burden
Of large hierarchies that drain us,
That set us to work helping people
Only by extracting our own life force
Until what was our dreams
Are nothing but dim gray memes.

What fun to move toward
Community-based nimble groups.
We sustain ourselves and each other by meeting needs.
Needs of resources, healing and purpose.

Cohesive groups, independently guided and interdependent,
Feeling familiarly inclusive, welcoming and nurturing.

We seek to recognize and dismantle bias and oppressions
Within both ourselves and our groups.
And so, to serve as examples of how to walk a path
Toward a society with systems and institutions
That have either repaired their crumbling foundations
Of racism, sexism, able-ism and such,
Or, been reconstructed by their composing communities
Without these structural keystones of sand.

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