This Grace

1 minute read

Written at WRITE ON! on Feb 21, 2023

What more can I aspire to embody than grace?
I love this so so much!
I have already forgiven myself
For leaving that reflection on grace
To pine away alone,
As my mind fills with enthusiasm and joy sitting here.

It soothes me to see pens moving and
People focused on pouring their hearts,
Souls, and dreams onto paper.
Sitting in this circle,
I feel myself filled up by others
Following a process that has poetrified me.

By surrendering oneself
Into a space of sitting and writing together,
One is able to walk down the bank
And dip into the river that has filled to overflowing
With our collective creativity.

Feeling inspiration channel through me,
As I see it flowing through so many others,
Makes me think of tributaries,
Each gathering rain and snow melt
In forests and in Buffalo,
Growing and flooding into torrents of creativity
That dwarfs even the falls of Niagara.

To tell the truth.
To tell the truth.
Thank you for sharing with me this time,
This space,
This night-time,
This headspace,
This grace.

This poem made use of words contributed by participants: grace, forgave, time, space, headspace

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