What’s Next

less than 1 minute read

I sit here with my tiny brain
Trying to comprehend all of this domain.
Who am I to inflict my clumsy understanding on anyone, even myself?
The spectre of doubt rises in me
As a plea to stop my practice,
To shame me into submission.
Am I a coward, who will prolong this quest of despair?
Or, will I find the courage to cease my hubris and be.

To tell the truth
I have no idea what will flow
I want to rhyme, that I know.
A dark cloud spreads over me.
The sun dims, obscured is she.
A rainbow I see, looking backward,
But a dark hard future forward.

This too will choo choo choo away
Like a train, bursting from tunnel into day.
I know so much that I don’t know
But one truth that is always so:
The next moment, day, year may hold
A feeling, experience, reality so bold
That my little brain could never imagine or dream
That fills my heart with love and lights that beam.

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