Look Away From The Abyss

less than 1 minute read

Staring into the abyss
I start to fall forward down.
Branches I hit, ledges too.
Obstacles race toward me
I throw my momentum left
I miss a ledge, that’s success.
Falling is so so scarring.

Like skiing down a steep slope
Trees, cliffs, bumps, a life-changing
Tumble or crack await me soon.

Like driving down the freeway
Freefall with danger all around
Pressing the brake, feeling sponge.

Like pouring sand of savings
Onto my financial castle,
Watching ocean’s constant waves
Washing my future beach flat.

Each day is a brand new gift.
Presence in this moment now
Living in the flow with all
Dancing, prancing and driving
Surrendering all control
To feel fully in control
Again, building and creating
Living opportunity.

Look away from the abyss.
You have seen enough for now.
Now, gaze into loving eyes.
Your beloveds want to grow
In the flow with you always.
Like wildflowers in the field
Nothing will ever stop us.

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