Let Go

less than 1 minute read

Let go!
Let go the tension.
Let go the nervous energy.
Let go the worry.
We are safe.
This moment is for peace
For rest.

Let our cares dissolve into euphoria.
Now is ours to disappear.
Our action now is restoration:
Sleep, a blissful destination,
Community, hugs, love,
Unconditional love from others
And for ourselves.
Others are here to share
Loving energy shown us with care.

Rest, rest, rest.
Feel our muscles loosen.
Notice our breath calm.
Let our lids close,
Knowing our world will wait
Until whenever we return.
Let us forget all
But joy and affection.

Let’s stay here.
There’s nothing to control.
We can just be.
Be, be, breathe.
Breathe in and be.

We will be ready.
We will remember.
We will rediscover our strength and stamina.
We will know
When we hear our body shouting
Let’s go.
Let’s go!

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