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Around the midpoint of my third-ever ecstatic dance, I leaned back into a couch amidst the dance and began reading from More To This Confession: Relational Prison Theology by Jesus the Liberator Seminary of Religious Justice. After a couple minutes immersed in the book, I felt that my choice to read at this moment was a mistake. I found myself writing the following words in the margins:

Engagement can still be disconnection,
Especially from the social;
Disconnection from this moment, from this experience.

Connection with knowledge, even with timeless wisdom, can still disrupt the relationship, the bond.

Epiphany is wonderful.
It is amazing presence with this moment.
It is presence with timelessness.
And yet, epiphany may be connection not with the flow of the people around us.

Reading and consuming the most amazing words can be lesser than consuming the fullness of this moment.
Read < Write < Be

Escape is not witness.

Context switching is different than following the flow.
We can feel the flowlines and we can follow where this moment might become the next moment and then reach a moment we have never yet imagined.
How could we?
The undiscovered moment.

Be open to the uncontrolled journey.