Defenestrate the Sesquipedalians

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Defenestrate the Sesquipedalians
that is, throw the big-word users out the window

Words have meaning.
Meanings change over time.
This can happen quickly, like for “bad” and “fly” in the 90s.
Meanings can remain more stable over years and generations, such as for English words with clear roots in Ancient Greek or Latin.

Learning more words and their distinct meanings can be a good goal.
Learning can enable more enjoyment from books, higher scores on a GRE, and entrance to conversations in more elite settings.
An abundant vocabulary, more nuanced diction, and using obscure words accurately does open doors for participation in technical writing, scientific publications, and multifaceted erudite pursuits.

Using less-elementary words, can bring one’s writing into a rarified company of literary appreciation.
As fewer persons can fully understand one’s meaning, one therefore manages to share one’s ideas with fewer people. The truth that one is sharing can be hidden by the precise and unique words that one is so proud to include.

When a truth is clear, can it not usually be expressed in short sentences using simple words?

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