A Love Letter To SF

1 minute read

I spent my 20’s following passions while trying to please others. I followed a prescribed path that kept my mind stimulated and my financial-future secure.

I spent my 30’s bushwhacking in the wilderness of many paths. I found inside myself a new openness to listening and allowing my path to be revealed.

As I reflect on my 30s, I see clearly the paths that I wandered. My paths are lined, as if by neon lights, by the people I have loved.

I love easily; yes, I wish to love and to be loved. There were my crushes, often unrequited, and the people I dated, only sometimes approaching full love but leaving me always grateful. There is Nicole, shining like the moon, illuminating my present and sending warm rays deep into my past and far into my future.

There are Fools, so many Fools, found along my way as if to say, “Keep going, this is an interesting path.”

I feel such deep love for so many fools. They show me how beautiful they see me as and I feel it, even when I stumble or foible before them.

The love engulfs me and I reciprocate: with my frisbee communities, the python community, the civic hackers, my Castro neighbors, our TL nonprofit/resident friends, and our siblings who sleep on pavement and whom our City seems to be constantly hustling toward death. I feel grateful for the love of my friends in each of these communities and I will miss them and take their love with me. I am excited to fully embrace Buffalo with Nicole, and in the words of our former governor, “I’ll be back …” at least for visits.