Conflict Transformation

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Over the past six months, I have participated in several trainings on Conflict Transformation led by Resetting The Table

I am currently participating in RTT’s Courageous Neighbors Train-the-Trainers cohort, where we are learning to coach others in these faciliation skills. It has been an honor to learn from and alongside such thoughtful and compassionate Buffalonian leaders. Kind Fools is looking forward to offering an introduction to some of Resetting The Table’s skills as part of Kind Conversations in April/May 2024 (details TBA soon).

Below is a poem inspired by my first day of Resetting The Table training in October 2023.

We listen to your story,
Noticing where you pause,
Emphasize or leave something unsaid,
Where your body or voice raises, cracks or surprises.
These guides are your gifts,
Offering clues to simple questions,
Often repeating your words,
That may aid you in sharing your story more fully.

After listening to all that you share,
We reflect back to you concisely.
Using your guides and our own words,
We acknowledge your meanings,
Spoken and unspoken,
As we endeavor to offer you an experience
Of being heard and understood perfectly.

Do you want to write with me? Please join me for an upcoming Kind Fools’ WRITE ON! workshop