Spring Is Here

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I am grateful to the Buffalo Ecstatic Dance community, and to the dancers who inspired this reflection today, February 12, 2023.

The first day of spring.
Dancing outside on this dry sunny day.
The trees display their winter barreness.
The grass is yellow as the Earth braces for more frost,
but dancing outside by the warmth of the sun and the fire,
and breathing in the clear air,
I feel that spring is here.

New life.
Growth and things positive beyond my imagination are imminent.
Trust. Breathe. Smell. Laugh.

Amidst a sea of smiling peeps,
Each dancing to their own beat,
Each experiencing their own joy,
Each grateful and happier for this community,
Each immersed in ecstatic energy.

We infect each other.
We amplify, inspire and escalate the scene.
We each strive to feel, be and play more authentically.
It is not a competition.
It is the point.