Ecstatic Summer

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This attempt to express the sensations of participating in ecstatic dance was written during an outdoor dance. The playlist was titled “All the colors of life and death:”

The flock of white fuzz balls soars down among the trees like an early summer snow storm. Each spore, among a community of siblings, on its way to begin a new life, wherever it finds a fertile home.

The deep blue sky stands out against the smattering of white clouds and the vivacious green leaves of the maple tree. The tiger orange flames rise from the logs, themselves a roasting mosaic of black and white. The purples, oranges, blues, grays, pinks, rainbows and many skin tones flicker and sway as they dance in play, in unison, and in their personal universes.

The smells of fire swirl into the damp taste of late spring growth and the freshness of a gentle breeze. The sounds of sighs mingle with the yays, yippees, and voices singing along or experiencing in silence.