Discovering the Enneagram

1 minute read

Three years ago, a person with whom I connected poorly introduced me to the Enneagram. As our relationship warmed, the Enneagram became more interesting. Then when I felt betrayed and hurt, the relationship vanished along with my interest in the Enneagram.

Recently, my curiosity returned and this captures a moment-in-time of just the first few hours of my exploration.

I feel a thrill as I identify my primary number and ponder my wings. As I read descriptions of “my” number, I see myself. I see how I was as I was growing up, and I see ways I have adapted or compensated. The descriptions match me, and yet are incomplete. As I read about what being healthy or integrating is for my number, I feel an inner”yes” as the picture feels more alive. As I read what unhealthy or disintegrating looks like, I see a fuller image of who I am on my good days and on my bad days.

What will I do with this information? Well first, I am enthused to learn more. I sense some ancient wisdom within these ideas. If they can help me understand myself, perhaps they can help others understand themselves, or even help me in better understanding another.

More immediately, by seeing what paths and cycles look like for my number, I may understand how to feel progressively happier and healthier, while making obstacles more manageable. Viewing the Enneagram as a path, I can see that my number is neither better nor worse than any other number. It happens to describe me well at this moment. As I continue to grow, I may move through other numbers and may discover more wisdom embedded within the learnings of the Enneagram.

Like meditation, presence, and listening, perhaps the Enneagram will have much to teach me.