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Be in this world but not of it.
Be like the cat perched atop the wood pile.
Be like the rat living in the holes between labs.
Be like the dog who goes among neighbors for pats and treats.
Be like the doctor, setting up clinic wherever she travels.
Be like the mother who takes care of any child who comes through her door.

Be as light as oil on water, embracing both the air and the liquid.
Hear the pain, hear the suffering, hear the cries.
Be present. Be fully with the people, emotions, and experiences.
Dance, also, throughout.
Move, laugh, feel, process and let go.
Life is constantly rinsing and repeating.
Get your soul dirty.
Get it good and dirty with the clay of aliveness and the stains of experience.
Then, dance, dance, dance to wash, cleanse and free yourself.
There is another day to meet with bright-eyes to pay attention, an open-heart to share unconditional love, and a healing-ear ready to listen and care.

Be in it.
Be not caught by it.